Sonia French Chef

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Vous aimez la cuisine française ? Vous êtes sur la bonne page de #soniafrenchchef


Sonia is the “Sonia French Chef” 

Sonia has been in love with cooking her whole life and decided to share her passion with people.
Now she wishes to let everyone know about her country's dishes, amazing flavors, different tastes, and to let people enjoy good food with family or friends. 
The French Chef would also love to work in your family, help in the kitchen as she know how much work having children can be. Being able to work in a family would be a wonderful experience for she. Sonia available for join your home for lunches / Diner and to work weekends and holidays. Through involvement in hospital food delivery, our chef is well versed in the process of production and serving in an efficient and reliable manner.

"I do love my country’s cuisine, France, but I’m also open-minded to cook whatever the client wants me to do. Cooking is a passion and I want to bring happiness in every dish I will present. Some creative and traditional recipes from France are here to bring real tastes and flavors to California with organic food." says the french chef

Sonia and her future: 

“I would like to open a crêperie, cafe or a French tea shop—a nice relaxing place accompanied by a background music with wifi and books available in French and English. [I’d] offer some crêpes and other desserts, in the furtur” says Sonia 

Sonia and her experience:

Sonia wanted to give everything she had to help people in need; she started working with elderly, helping them in a daily life by having a food service at home, be a caregiver assistant "Social Butterfly" by being understandable, kind, warm hearted, and humanitarian. She held hands, listened, gave assistance by encouraging elderly to smile.
After, while integrating the experience and work habits of a crêperie and drawing from a deep set knowledge cultivated from participation in events centered around traditional French cuisine, at a subsequent time Sonia will brings the entire French experience to the table. 

Before, Born in Brittany (France), Sonia has been passionate about words, writing since she was nine years old. She wrote her first essays in Normandy (France), and with time she let her pen composed songs. She studied psychology, drugs-related cases, autism, and diseases allowing her to understand people's behavior more. Our Chef Sonia arrived in California in 2008, published her first series of 12 children bilingual books, The Adventures of Enzo, with her own publishing house, Solo Infinity, Inc.The Global Education Magazine (Brazil) offered her the opportunity to write for them during their campaigns, International Days, giving her the opportunity to give her writing to be out there. Sonia became a blog Coordinator for resqme, inc; she also created slogans, worked in presentation videos, and her image was used throughout diverse marketing campaigns.

Sonia is a mother of three children.