Sonia French Chef

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REVIEWS 5.0 of 5 stars 

30 August at 04:29 
Sonia est comme sa cuisine : généreuse, simple et authentique :-) 
De belles recettes " Françaises " à découvrir !
Karine Gerbault

27 August
She is an amazing cook !!
Her Thanksgiving turkey was too to die for !
Her dessert chocolate mousse is my favorite
Annick  Lionheart

27 August 
I love my mum's cooking! Favorite ones are the quiche lorraine and the chocolate cake , the fondant! So yummy!

 Belinda G.

28 August
Best Chef !!! Always A Pleasure to Discover Your Specialities !! Delicious, tasty & Healthy !! LOVE IT !! Represent perfectly the Charm & Savor of the French cuisine !!
Stephanie Haak

16 September at 08:13 
El pollo a la vasca es absolutamente delicioso!
Anielka Gonzalez Webb

27 August
Mum's food is delicious. My favorite is la blanquette de veau, and every dessert.
Emilian G.